Let the modernists come in (2021 -2022 )


20 january 2022
Let's celebrate activism and the utopian ideas of the artists of De Stijl in the present time where an optimistic all-encompassing idea is indispensable and which all humanity should rally behind to stop and reverse the ecological disaster. An utopian idea indeed. I literally stack the shapes of De Stijl on top of my shapes of chaos.  Art works for me when it keeps escaping definitions. If it gets caught and then walks on laughing. I believe that art that is activist is not actually art. At the same time, I believe that all art is activist.

20 march 2022
It's war in Ukraine now and the awakened western world is threatened not only by ecological desaster.
The dummies in my latest work represent the entropic body. They are back from my project Common Dust from 2013


installation view


print on archieval matt paper
90 cm x 185
5 + 2 AP