Let the modernists come in (2021 -2022 )


Let's celebrate the activism and utopian ideas of the artists of the Russian avant-garde, Bauhaus and De Stijl in the present time where an optimistic all-encompassing idea is indispensable and which all humanity should rally behind to reverse the ecological disaster and stop the war in ukraine.
An utopian and naive idea indeed.
I think of the Russian artists who became successful in the west and those who stayed in Russia and were murdered in Stalin's terror camps.
In 'Let the modernists come in' I literally stack imagery related to De Stijl and the avant-garde and Bauhaus on top of that of chaos and on top of the dummies that represent the entropic body.

This is the first time I give such an activist explanation of my work. I can't do anything else at this time. Yet art works for me especially if it cannot be captured within a definition, if it is so layered that a secret always remains. And this elusiveness, it will always be essentially activist.



installation view


prints on archieval matt paper
90 cm x 185
5 + 2 AP



first installation in this series