Pending (2019-2020)


Pending : unresolved, undecided, unsettled, unconcluded, uncertain, awaiting decision, awaiting action, undetermined, open, still open, hanging fire, in the air, up in the air, in limbo, in the balance, on ice, in reserve, in abeyance, ongoing, awaiting attention, outstanding, to be done, undone, not done, unattended to, unfinished, incomplete, left, remaining


The pending of Liu Xia 

This work is a tribute to Liu Xia; the Chinese poet, painter and photographer who lived for eight years under effective house arrest in her appartment. No mobile, no computer, no contact with the outside world, 24 hours a day surveillance. Hardly any contact with her imprisoned, now deceased, nobelprice winning husband Liu Xiaobo. She lives and works in Germany now. 


The prophecies